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Hello, my fellow weirdos! I am excited to say that I have officially made my FIRST YouTube video and my SECOND one too! So feel free to watch in awe once you have read this post.

I have been bullet journaling for about 2.5 months and I am completely OBSESSED. I mean I have spent all of my extra time and money on everything bullet journaling and I think that it is safe to say that I am not stopping anytime soon. With that said I am happy to say that I was sucked into the bullet journal trend of trying the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal in the A5 or Medium size which of course I ordered on Amazon.  My favorite color is Orange but I could not get the orange as fast so I went with the next best thing, yellow or Lemon as they call it. I received my new journal at the beginning of July and I have completed my first month in the new journal and would like to share it with you.

The first thing that I decided to do was to adorn my new journal with a personalized decal for the cover that I made myself. My fiance and I have a graphic design/decal/t-shirt business and of course, I had to put my name on my journal.

My New Bullet Journal

My New Bullet Journal

This personalized decal can be purchased at my Etsy shop called Francis & Talulah along with an array of other interesting products.

Next, I decided to use a key in this journal and although I do not have an image of my key I did a flip out version and use the original bullet journal indicators for mine so nothing too exciting.

My very first actual page is my 2016 Goals page where I doodled the goals that I plan to work toward achieving in 2016. My goals page does reflect my sassy and sometimes weird personality and that is exactly what motivated me. I like to look at this page and think of all of the ways that I can work to achieve my 2016 goals and if I do I do and if I do not, they will become my 2017 goals. Just an over view, my goals are:

  1. To start a YouTube Channel- did it!
  2. Start and maintain a blog – doing it!
  3. Get married on a pirate ship – might have to wait and yes a real pirate ship!
  4. Start an Etsy Shop called Francis & Talulah (my dog’s names) – done!
  5. Make some side cash(legally) – trying
  6. Stop being an asshole(hardest goal) – trying to try
  7. Smooth face- get rid of acne scars and maybe some wrinkles too.
  8. Finish School – might have to be a 2017 goal.
  9. Adventure more – maybe I’ll go hiking?
  10. Drop 15 Lbs. – Trying to try.
  11. Love – I am so in love I gross myself out.
2016 Goals Page

2016 Goals Page

Next, I did a Monthly Bills spread which was inspired by a Pinterest post with my own flare. This was something I have always tracked on paper but doing so in the bullet journal allowed my to make bill paying pretty. I still have not been able to remove the sadness from it, though.  I only did a 6-month spread because I did not want to waste the space knowing that I will probably not have the same journal after December. So each month, once I pay a bill I mark that month’s spot with a piece of washi tape. Then I no longer have to worry about being homeless or without the internet.

Bill Tracker

Bill Tracker

After the bill tracker, I decided to do a 6-month calandex but I don’t like it nor to I really use it.

So moving on to my next set of pages 1. my savings goals and 2. my wish list. Both are self-explanatory but here are the photos anyway.


Moving into July I was excited to start using a more structured setup than my last journal that I just jumped into without any planning at all. This time, I decided to do a monthly spread, a memories page, and a tracker before I moved on to my daily pages. I opted out of the weekly spread because I found it to be a bit redundant but am considering picking it up in August because I although I might not need a 2-page spread, a week at a glance might actually prove to be helpful.

If you’ll notice I also wanted to keep a monthly theme and color scheme going and what better selection for July than red, white, and blue.

So I am actually finished with the month of July and am about 7 days into August but I enjoyed July 100% and am so proud of how it turned out. If you would like to see my journal live-ish and a few other pages that I did not add in this blog post please watch my YouTube video for an in depth description of my July layout in my sexy voice.

Thank you for reading and Please leave me a comment below.