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I have always been a “crafty” person, not in the evil sense but in the, I like to spend all of my time and money on crafts and craft supplies sense. As you may have read, I have recently fallen in love with the art of bullet Journaling and lately, I can’t seem to stop spending money on everything that has to do with my bullet journal which is what brings us here today.

Okay So I am just going to put this out there and you can choose to believe me or not but 3 years ago I invented the bullet journal or something like it. Okay, that is totally not true but I did have something very similar.  My version was more of a mini scrapbook than it was a planner/bullet journal so it, in fact, was nothing at all like the current Ryder Carroll version of the bullet journal system. It was the Jennifer Aston system of crazy thoughts, photos, and memorabilia.  The biggest difference between Ryder’s version and my old version is photos and well, pazzaz.

For me, part of the overall appeal of the bullet journal is the fact that I can use it for the practical purposes that the system was intended for, but I can also use it a  scrapbook/memory book as well and what better ways to capture memories than with photos. Recently I purchased a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 on Amazon, I purchased it on Amazon because at both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby they ran about $120 for just the camera and I found a sweet bundle deal on Amazon for $95 (click “Amazon” for Link to deal). The only thing that I did not realize that was NOT included was film and again I chose to purchase it on Amazon this time for convenience more than deal because, with coupons from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, the film was pretty comparable.



Bundle Deal (film Not included)

As you can see above this little bundle deal that I found came with some pretty cool stuff. Here is a list of the items that you see above. The camera and the case (choose from 4 colors – see box), a

  • The camera and the case (choose from 4 colors – see box) a
  • A close-up lens
  • A lens cloth
  • A pack of colorful frames with a string and some clothes pins for a cute photo display.
  •  A mini photo album.
  • Another pack of colorful plastic frames
  • Some stickers to go over the pictures to decorate them
  • A four pack of changeable snap-on lenses that give a colored effect.

And of course, the film which like I said before I purchased separately in a 50 pack bundle.

All-in-all I feel like I got a good deal on a pretty cool little camera and the photos are the size of a credit card which is absolutely perfect for my bullet journal. The camera itself is super fun and easy to use. It is rather large so I do not see myself taking it on outings too much unless I am intentionally wanting to capture memories for my journal.

My Actual Camera in Yellow

My Actual Camera in Yellow


This thing is fun and easy to use and I would totally recommend it to anyone, especially if you are like me and want to add flare to your bullet journal but do not like the look of printed images from your home printer. So far all of the pictures that I have taken have been great and they have this vintage feel to them just like the old Polaroid photos from when I was a child.

Here is a quick video of me setting up my camera initially to show you just how easy it was!


Thanks for stoppin’ by and I look forward to your comments!!!