As you may have already heard me say before, my fiance Kyle and I have an Esty Shop called Slapstick Vinyl where we sell an array of items from home decor decals, to car decals, to single t-shirts and bulk t-shirts. We have had this shop for about two years now and have had some pretty good success with it so far.

When I started the bullet journal system I noticed that there were several other people that used stickers that they had made somehow and even some with decals to decorate and personalize their journal covers as well. When I saw these I thought this is right up my alley since I am a graphic/web designer with a decal business already. So that is when I decided to jump into the bullet journal accessories biz and open my very own Etsy shop where I could sell everything bullet journal that even I would use.

But first I would need to come up with a name!

Of course, the obvious name would be Eat. Sleep. Stay Weird! but I wanted something cuter. So I decided to name my shop after my dogs, Francis and Talulah because well, I am obsessed with them. I mean how could you not be? I worked hard and came up with a logo and yes I managed to capture their constant look of confusion in it too.

Etsy Logo

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In my shop, I currently offer stickers, t-shirts, and decals. The shop is brand new but it will grow fast and I plan to have a pretty large array of items that are bullet journal specific.

Here are some of the current items:

I will plan on updating some of these images as I add more to the site and just an FYI I do custom orders as well. If you have an idea of some kind of sticker, decal, or shirt please send me a convo on Etsy.

Thank you and please take the time to click the link HERE or by clicking the logo to visit my shop and take a look around.

As always I look forward to any comments or suggestions you have to offer please contact me on the Hit Me Up page if you want to.